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North American Chapter (NAC)

North American Chapter (NAC)

Summer School in Engineering and Systems Design Research Methods for Case Study, Protocol Analysis, and Designer Experiments (May 2017, South Carolina USA)


Dates: 15-26 May 2017

Location: Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

Website: ESD Summer School

Deadline for applications: 7 April 2017


CEDAR, with the support (pending) of the National Science Foundation, will be hosting a two week Summer School that will introduce graduate students to three research methods of case study, protocol analysis, and designer experiments. This summer school is developed in direct response to needs expressed through the Design Society’s North American Committee and through NSF sponsored Design Circle Workshops of 2015 @ Clemson University and 2017 @ Georgia Tech.  Through NSF support, scholarships will be made available to 15 students to cover travel, housing, and program costs.  Students can apply for these scholarships following the steps below.


While the engineering and systems design research community has grown over the years, the opportunities for graduate students conducting research from a human-centric point of view has been limited.  This summer school program will introduce students to concrete research methods while practicing some of these methods in a controlled, guided environment.  We believe that this approach is efficient in providing graduate students with needed research training. We can have a broad impact on the community by supporting smaller design research programs, consisting of one or two faculty, through this type of communal training.  It should be noted that the methods and techniques that the students will be taught are difficult to lear through textbooks (and there are not many engineering design research method textbooks available with clear operational guidance).  Rather, we believe that a preferred means of learning about these methods is through discussion, demonstration, and practice as guided by experts with varied experiences in the use of the methods.

North American Chapter (NAC)
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