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North American Chapter (NAC)

North American Chapter (NAC)

Nominations for NAC Steering Committee


To All Members of the Design Society, North American Chapter (NAC):

We are starting the election process of a new Steering Committee (SC). The new SC must be in place by 7 October 2017.

Nominations will close 11 September 2017.

For your information, the latest annual report of the NAC is available in PDF format at this Google Drive link. To maintain the vitality of the NAC, it’s important we establish a SC that is deeply interested in furthering the goals of the NAC. These goals are:

  1. To synchronize and synergise North American design activities with those of the greater Design Society,

  2. To promote, publicise, and disseminate design science research/knowledge to industry/design practitioners, researchers, students, funding agencies, administrators of academia, and the general public,

  3. To build community within North America as well as across continents, countries, disciplines studying design, industry/government/academia, and for the career advancement of DS members,

  4. To generate, collaborate on, and share resources for design research and education, and facilitate communication and dissemination of those resources in North America, and

  5. To discuss, explore, and strategically address challenges in design science and more globally.

The first stage of the election process is a Call for Nominations. The Nominations period will run from 10 April to 11 September. If the total number of nominees is less than 8, those nominees will be acclaimed to the SC. If there are 8 or more nominees, a vote will be executed via the Design Society. The rules for Nominations are:

  • All nominees must be members in good standing of the Design Society, who are based in North America (as defined by Wikipedia).

  • An individual can nominate himself/herself, or another person.
    There is no limit to the number of persons an individual can nominate.
    Confirmation of acceptance of nomination will be sought by the current SC via email.  If no response is received from the nominee within one week of contacting them, they will not stand as a nominee.

  • Nominations are done by sending an email to, the (current) membership-wide mailing list / Google Group.
    This ensures a permanent record of the nomination is made.
    A nomination must include the nominee’s full name, email address, and affiliation (university or company).

Please consider nominating yourself or someone you know for this important committee.

North American Chapter (NAC)
  • Members only!

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