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North American Chapter (NAC)

North American Chapter (NAC)

In Memoriam: Clive Dym (1942-2016)


The Steering Committee of the North American Chapter of the Design Society,

Expressing appreciation for Clive Dym for over 40 years of his service in academia at SUNY Buffalo, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Massachusetts, Harvey Mudd College, and others,

Recognizing nearly 20 different awards he received for his intellectual excellence, including ASME fellow, ASEE fellow, the Fred Merryfield Design Award (American Society for Engineering Education), the Joel and Ruth Spira Outstanding Design Educator Award (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and the Benjamin Garver Lamme Award (ASEE),

Guided by his leadership on the editorial boards of 7 different highly valued academic journals, including as founding editor of Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (AIEDAM),

Fully aware of the value of his contribution through authorship of 13 books in engineering analysis and design, 93 refereed journal articles, 32 technical reports, 28 proceedings and articles, and 142 invited talks and seminars,

Taking note of the millions of dollars in funding support he secured in support of his pursuit of new knowledge, including the prestigious National Academy of Engineering Gordon Prize in 2012,

Affirming his incredible impact on the countless students through his advising, teaching, and as the Fletcher Jones Design Chair, during which he developed innovative strategies and paradigms that transformed design education in the United States and around the world,

Fully believing that he changed the lives and paths of his colleagues, collaborators, and friends through his passion, brilliance, and kindness,

Confident that his leadership in establishing the North American Chapter of the Design Society was crucial to its success,

Deeply regretting the loss of one of the engineering design research community’s founding members and lifelong champions,

Desiring to express deepest condolences to his wife, Joan Dym; daughters, Jordana Dym (and Scott Mulligan) and Miriam Dym; brother, Harry (and Irene) Dym; nephews David and Michael Dym and families; stepsons, Matthew (and Cindy) Anderson and Ryan (and Dina) Anderson; grandchildren, August Dym Noë, Ulysses Dym Noë, Courtney Anderson, Lauren Anderson, Katerina Anderson and Michael Anderson; and his adopted family member, standard poodle Hank during this time of grief and great loss,

  1. Affirms Clive Dym’s strong held belief that design is the distinguishing activity of the engineer, an activity that is central to creative thinking, problem solving and decision making,
  2. Calls upon the community to honor his legacy by continuing to strive for excellence in engineering design education, through hands-on learning and integration of design and making of tools and prototypes into engineering courses, and through the perpetuation of the Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshops,
  3. Emphasizes the importance that the researchers within our community follow in his pioneering footsteps in pursuit of new scientific knowledge with the same persistence, optimism, and rigor,
  4. Expresses hope that we continue to genuinely connect with one another and share in the delight that our life’s work brings us, as he exemplified so perfectly from beginning to end,
  5. Trusts that young students, engineers, academics, and designers will take his life accomplishments as inspiration for all that one can accomplish in one’s time on earth, to help others and change the world for the better,
  6. Proclaims that Clive Dym will not be forgotten nor could he be replaced, that he will be sorely missed, and
  7. Reminds the community that those that touch our lives so deeply never truly leave us.

Signatories: The Members of the NAC Steering Committee: Dr. Filippo A. Salustri, Dr. Julie Linsey, Dr. Harrison Hyung-Min Kim, Dr. Katherine Fu, Dr. Kathryn Jablokow, Dr. Warren Seering.

North American Chapter (NAC)
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